FHA 203K Rates

FHA 203k Interest RatesSo, you are in the market to buy or refinance your home and one of the factors that comes into play is what will FHA 203k rates be at that time of your loan.  Like gas prices FHA 203k interest rates can fluctuate on a daily basis just like other mortgage rates.

To start, you should know that all home loans FHA and Conventional have different costs associated with the interest rate depending on the product, loan size, type of property, credit score, etc. FHA 203k mortgage rates are no different in that sense but are divided into either the FHA 203k Streamline or a regular Standard 203k. Both 203k loans are priced differently from each other.

With there being two different 203k versions, one being able to do just about everything under the sun (Standard 203k), and the other having limitations (Streamline 203K), you have probably figured out by now that the Standard 203k has the higher cost & interest rate associated with it than the interest rate for the 203k Streamline.

Now when we talk about FHA 203k loan rates being higher, we’re comparing it to a Regular FHA loan that doesn’t include renovation funds in the loan amount. There can be some variance between different FHA 203k lenders on any given day but Rates in comparison to an FHA loan without rehabilitation funds can typically range from a quarter percent (.25%) to a half percent (.5%) higher than Regular FHA loans.

When you consider the advantages of having an All in One Loan that allows you to: purchase or refinance as well as include funds for all the improvements you like, topped off with a minimal down payment or equity, the slight difference in rates are still quite an attractive lending option to both homebuyers and homeowners compared to any other alternative if any.



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