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FHA 203K Loan Limits 2024 In Your Area

FHA 203k maximum Loan amounts can vary from county to county throughout the different states. Both the FHA 203K Rehabilitation Loan and the regular FHA loan (without Rehab Funds) share the same loan limits for both purchase and refinance, for 1 to 4 unit properties.

Are you a home buyer or current homeowner wondering what the maximum FHA 203k Loan limits are for your purchase or refinance?  Then just select the state and county where your property is located to get your answer.  

FHA Loan Limit Lookup Tool

Find the Loan Limits for your property with the easy FHA Loan Limit Lookup Tool.  Just enter the County & State your property is in.

What are FHA Loan Limits?

FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loan limits refer to the maximum amount of money that you can borrow using an FHA-insured mortgage loan for a particular geographical area. These limits are set annually by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and are based on the median home prices in the area.

The purpose of FHA loan limits is to ensure that the FHA program remains accessible to a broad range of homebuyers & Homeowners, including those in areas with higher housing costs. By setting maximum loan limits, the FHA aims to strike a balance between enabling borrowers to purchase homes in their desired areas while also managing risk.

Borrowers seeking an FHA loan must adhere to these limits when applying for financing. If the loan amount exceeds the FHA loan limit for the area, the borrower may need to seek alternative financing options or make a larger down payment to bridge the gap.
FHA loan limits vary by county and are typically higher in areas with higher housing costs. HUD publishes a comprehensive list of FHA loan limits for every county in the United States, which is updated annually to reflect changes in housing market conditions. It's essential for potential homebuyers to check the FHA loan limits for their desired area to determine the maximum amount they can borrow using an FHA-insured loan.

What is the Maximum FHA 203k Loan Amount for Rehab, Repair, and Renovation?

LIMITED 203K (aka: Streamline 203K)
The Maximum amount of improvement funds you can include with your purchase or refinance on the 203k Limited is $35,000 and there is no minimum.

The Maximum amount of improvement funds you can include with your purchase or refinance on the Standard 203k is unlimited and the minimum is $5,000. 

Regardless of the 203k Loan Program you choose, you can combine your property purchase or refinance with renovations up to the maximum loan limit for the property's location.

To find out what the Loan Limits are for your property, you can use our easy FHA Loan Limit Lookup Tool.  Plus, you’ll also find an FHA 203k Renovation Lender listed for your area who can help you get the most out of your FHA financing.  Reach out to them! They’ll answer any questions and help you get started.


Just enter your County & State to find your loan limits

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FHA 203K Loan Limits

FHA 203K Loan Limits 2024 In Your Area. Just enter your county & state.


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