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203kMortgageLender.com is an FHA 203k Lender Directory.  If you are looking for an FHA approved 203K lender then you've come to the right place.  You'll  find 203k renovation specialists throughout the U.S that are approved, experienced and have the knowledge to do FHA 203k  Loans as well as other renovation loans.


If you are a buyer, homeowner or real estate agent you might  already know that not all lenders or loan officers can or will even want to do 203k FHA loans.  So, this directory is to help make your search easier by connecting you directly to an FHA 203k Renovation Lender who has taken the time to specialize and do these types of renovation loans.


We hope the 203k information and resources you find at this site are useful.  When you're ready,  feel free to contact an FHA 203k Loan Specialist by going to the directory and selecting a state.  They are there to help you with your FHA 203k loan as well as any other FHA  or Conventional financing whether for buying or refinancing.


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