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Do you have a FHA 203k question you’d like to ask a 203K Specialists?  Just post it here on the blog.

Scroll down all the way to the bottom of this page (the QA post page) and type your question in the “Leave a Reply” box and press “Submit”

Your question does not have to be FHA 203K related, it can be general FHA or Conventional questions as well.   A 203K Specialists will answer your question the best to their ability.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • I have a low credit score; but within FHA loan criteria, Good income and I am professionally employed how do I go about finding an FHA/203 lender to rehab a rural single family home?

  • can you get down payment assistance with the Streamline FHA 203K

    • Hi JD

      Combining a down payment or other assistance program with an FHA 203k Loan is possible although it is an extra layer to consider and should be discussed with your renovation specialist.

      Good luck

  • Can you get a 203k loan on a home you have been renting and now want to purchase?

    • Hi Steve,

      Yes you can get a 203k loan on a home you are renting or leasing and now plan to purchase to live in.

      Good luck

  • Jerry Livingston says:

    Can an FHA 203k rehab loan can be used to refinance a home that has been gutted and is currently vacant?

  • If there’s a financial issue can you sell a home that was bought with a 203k loan before the 12 month period. And if so what are the penalties?

    • Hi Chris,

      FHA Loans including the 203k don’t typically come with penalties for early pay off so that shouldn’t become an issue.

      Good luck

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