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Upgrade Your Appliances with the FHA 203k

Does your home need new appliances?  Whether you are purchasing or refinancing your property with an FHA 203k loan don’t forget that brand new appliances can be included along with other improvements.  Refrigerators, ovens, stoves, dishwashers and more whether free standing or built in, stainless steal or not your choice, your style.


If that sounds appealing then consider taking it a step further by using that opportunity to buy EPA recommended ENERGY STAR appliances and save yourself a bundle in energy costs.


Plus you can even get money back in a form of a rebate at times for purchasing an energy efficient appliance.  With saving incentives both long term as well as possibly upfront what more can you ask for.


So, green up your appliances that will look and feel great in your home and will also save you money.


Happy shopping.


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