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FHA 203K Specialist Lee Smith

​​Lee Smith

​​​VP of Renovation Lending​

​US Mortgage Corp 

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Hi I’m ​Lee, an FHA Loan &  203K Renovation Specialist!  I Want to Hear From You!   Let's Talk About Your Purchase or Refinance.

​​Let me help you turn your property into the dream home you want.  My years of experience will help you get the desired end results you want.  ​I'm here to ​walk you through the steps and just a phone call or email away.

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FHA 203K Loan Approval

​BENEFITS of the FHA 203k Loan

  • ​Increase your Home Value and Comfort
  • ​Make your Home your Way
  • ​No Longer Worry About Lender Required Repairs Before your Loan closes
  • ​Home Conditions are no longer a factor
  • ​​​Buy your home below market value​
  • ​​​Give yourself more buying power
  • ​​More house inventory to choose from
  • ​​​Instant Equity after your Home Improvements are completed

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​Lee Smith

​(888) 203-3749

This is my direct line! Let's talk!

This is my direct line! Let's talk!

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  • ​The Loan Process
  • ​Contractors & Consultants
  • ​Timelines & Disbursements

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FHA 203k Loan Calculator

Give the FHA 203k calculator a try!  It will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect on the FHA 203k loan amount, down payment and monthly payments on the combined purchase price with renovation.

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. . . let's discuss your home loan options!

​Lee Smith

​VP of Renovation Lending​

​US Mortgage Corp

​​NMLS # 188505

​(888) 203-3749

This is my direct line! Let's talk!

This is my direct line! Let's talk!


Equal Housing Opportunity

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